Grow in Jesus


We call our Small Groups, LIFEGroups. What are they? It starts with the principle of “Love is for everyone” – LIFE.

They’re the place to study and learn to apply God’s Word, the place to build lasting relationships. They’re the place to minister to one another. They’re the place to connect with and reach out to our communities.

The world is becoming a very impersonal place to live. If you want more and would like to experience genuine relationships, then our LIFEGroups can give each of us a place to belong. We’ll even help you find which group fits your interests and schedule.

You’ll find that you will be accepted in this group no matter what you’ve experienced in your journey through life.

Our LIFEGroups meet in various member’s homes in the Dallas-Back Mountain areas, and provide an inviting atmosphere where you’ll be able to ask honest questions about life and the Christian experience. We’re praying and asking God to start a new groups in the Mt. Top area, Scranton area, Wilkes-Barre, Tunkhannock, Plains, and other areas in the Valley and Back Mountain.


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