Release Form (Children/Youth)

To help protect and care for your child or youth who is participating in a church-sponsored event/activity, we require the parent or guardian to provide permission for the child/youth to participate, and to give our volunteers for the event permission to obtain medial/dental/or hospital care in the event of an emergency.

In order to assist us and to help us ensure you are giving permission for your child or youth to participate/travel to a church sponsored activity, please download the TWO (2) forms.   These are the only forms that may be used (i.e., we cannot accept a handwritten note, or other form of communication, verbal or written).

After reading them over, please complete BOTH, SIGN, and then return to the ministry leader PRIOR to the event. Thank you for your cooperation.

Form 1:  ParentGuardianConsentForm

Form 2:  “ParentGuardianConsentToMedicalDentalHospital